Our Story

Vann Laniakea

CEO & Co-Founder at Arlox.io

Vann is an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries. He has been a Co-founder & CMO at Executive Advantage, Inc USA($2.4 Million ARR - Exited), Founder & COO at ABX Builders LLP, UP India (₹1.12Crore - Closed) and Founder of Leadstratezy (High-value buyer lead generation system for realtors - Closed)
Over the past 10 years, he has accumulated a wide range of skills and mental models.

Now, Vann is a digital marketing consultant who helps D2C E-commerce companies scale and profits wildly using scientific advertising principles.

He has personally managed over $7.4+ Million in ad spend on behalf of his clients and consistently provided predictable and profitable ROI.

Van loves reading--he owns a giant library of business, marketing and system design books--and he's an animal lover (he has two cats and one dog) and donates a portion of his income to animal charities.

Vann loves travelling and lives between Dubai, Bali and India. Vann is the consultant for you, with his proven track record in delivering outstanding results, Vann can help you achieve success through scientific advertising principles that will increase profits while scaling your brand.

Dennis Goyal

COO & Co-Founder at Arlox.io

Dennis is a young and aspiring marketing consultant. He loves working to a degree that many people consider him a workaholic. He plan out his days with 15 - 25 mins chunks and loves the routines and efficient execution. He is an extremely logical thinker, rational & always trying to reach peak efficiency in operations.

In 2019, he started working with Van and founded Arlox. Dennis has spoken to hundreds of fashion eCom entrepreneurs worldwide and tried to understand their business problems.
After putting in countless hours and resources, Van and Dennis together developed a great theory and system for scaling brands by 10X using scientific advertising methods (Originally developed by Claude C. Hopkins in 1923).

(ie..$10k/month to $100k/month in 60 days or less)
Dennis's experience in the eCommerce industry gives him the knowledge to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses.
His cold, rational thinking allows him to see solutions where others might only see problems & Obstacles.

At Arlox, Dennis makes sure that the clients are able to scale their businesses efficiently & on time. He never misses a deadline nor does he tolerate delays from anyone. Sometimes, he can be very cold and distant like the character Spock from Star Treks.

He loves walking in nature, surfing, reading books on spirituality&stoicism, and he is also a great fan of Harry Potter movies.

Ritish Nanchahal

Service delivery officer at Arlox.io

Ritish is a dropout and is SDO at Arlox.io. Before joining Arlox.io, he was the founder of The Learning Hub, an online coaching academy based in Jalandhar. Academic interests are Astrophysics and Robotics, and he likes building things. Ritish's expertise lies in understanding how people think and behave and translating that into sales strategies that make it possible to scale any business.

Now, with Arlox.io, Ritish is helping hundreds of fashion eCommerce brands worldwide grow to a 7-8 figure level using Facebook ads and digital marketing. Ritish scaled a vegan fashion brand, Chambray And Co, from 45K to 1M in just 3 Months.

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Dependency on Marketplaces?
We understand that, but we'll actually help you make 10X more money from your own D2C Brand than all the marketplaces combined.
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We hear you, our clients used to feel the same way before working with Arlox.

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Look where most people see a simple Facebook ad... I see the strategy, blueprint, infrastructure. Things below the surface, things almost no one can see. That’s the reason we grow our business so successfully and help our clients to do the same: Sell amazing products, scaling them with paid advertising and building profitable businesses.

Market Backwards Approach

Instead of starting with the product, design or style we start with your customer needs and desires.

Keeping An Eye On The Pulse

We track everything including ad spend, orders, returns, cancellation, ad effectiveness, ROI and profits daily.

Proprietary Tactics for Scaling

Arlox's Black Swan Scaling Strategy™ allows you to scale ad-spend rapidly and capture the largest piece of market sooner!

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