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E-Commerce Stores Become
7-Figures Brands Using Our Proprietary Core9™ System.

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7 Figure Case Study
Trusted by 75+ e-commerce brands worldwide

Our 3 Phase Process Of Scaling With Facebook Ads

Shameless testing

Let's See What Product's Market Likes?

Scaling is just like building a sky scrapper, it needs a good foundation!
Before anything, we'll analyse what products market actually love to buy from you, not just what we wish to sell them.  It's called Market Backwards approach & It works like Magic!

The Money spend here will lay the foundation for scaling.

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Bull's eye targeting

Your Dream Target Audience Is Waiting For You!

Most fashion E-com brands target everyone or hand their fate in the hands of Facebook Gods. This is highly inefficient and ineffective, we'll help you find & build your true cheering fans, help you keep them engaged and turn them into repeated customers.

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Accelerated scaling

Sit Back, Relax & See Your Dream Take Off!

Now, we have accumulated quantifiable data and we have consistently outperformed KPI's and you've seen that profits have soared. Now it's time re-invest some of the profits to rapidly scale your revenue using Arlox's Black Swan Scaling Strategy™.

That allows us to double Adspend everyday while maintaining KPI ratio's consistent.

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we are winning at one thing

Like Steve Jobs once yelled out loud, "BECAUSE SIMPLE SCALES!"

Many fashion eCommerce brands feel the pain of handling three different agencies, then they have to work with manufacturers, and on top of it they have their own employees to handle.

That level of complexity can never help you scale, It is like running the 100 mile marathon to 9 figures with 100kg weight strapped on back, journey is long enough, let us carry some of the weight with you, we are pros, It'll be the best decision on your life.

Arlox takes full responsibility of growth away from them and with revenue share model, we don't make money unless you make money.

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What Our Customers Say

We have planned to hit ₹20,00,000+ this month, and then keep doubling sales every month.
Prayas Gupta
It’s been over 4 months that we have been working together, and we have managed to hit our dream targets. As a self funded startup founder, hitting targets allows me the luxury to improve backend growth too. So, my advise, Dennis can definitely deliver more than you can imagine, is also responsive and most importantly hits monthly targets on the month end.
Debarshi Ghosh. Founder.ARTLESS Store.
It's been one month since we started working together. Being a start up we had been facing a hard time generating enough orders, especially owing to COVID-19 situation. However, over the past one month we have seen a massive increase in number of orders generated. We are very happy with your marketing efforts. We really appreciate how responsive you are.
Poorvi Jain
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Global Integration Partners

High Performing Team

No BS, No Formalities - High Performing Team With Result-Oriented Mindset

Vann Laniakea
CEO, Ad-Expert, Advisor, Sales
Dennis Goyal
COO, Consulting, Managing, Ad- Expert
Aditi Nishant
Fashion Designer, Creative Designer, Copywriter
Ritish Nanchahal
SDO, Ad Expert

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Daily Tracking & Reporting
On the first week, we'll hook you up with a shared google spreadsheet, where you can see Ad spend and Profits DAILY.
Customer Centric Support
There will be weekly calls where you can ask questions you might have, we'll be giving you constant feedback.
Learn As You Grow
As we track everything with all our clients, we know what works so we'll tell you amazing website hacks to get even better R.O.I's.
Monthly Strategy Calls
As your Fashion E-Com brand starts growing rapidly in revenue, We keep you in touch and informed about all our monthly successes and failures.
World Class Ad Experts
Rest assured, your marketing strategy is in the hands of world best professional who managed over $1 Million Dollars in Ad spend.
Hyper Focused Team
To built impeccable track record, Its best to be great at one thing then to be average at many, Our one thing is Facebook Ads for Fashion E-com Brands.

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How to test products using Facebook ads without wasting too much money on testing.
How to prevent getting your Ad- account banned or disabled by Facebook.
Battle tested proven strategies for optimising your ads and maximising your ROI.
How to brand your store and build something sustainable and valuable long-term.
How you can build a bulletproof infrastructure, making your business competition-proof and scalable.
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Let's Launch Your First Scalable Campaign

Most fashion E-com brands  FAIL in reaching their ideal customers.
Arlox uses hyper-targeted advertising  to generate consistent, qualified visitors who buy.

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