10x growth thesis

Growing Your D2C Brand Isn’t A Gamble It Once Was, It’s Science and Arlox Proves It Days In And Out.

Success isn't born, it's made. 
To us, scaling a business online is a science.
We don't believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect.
Contrary to popular beliefs, our method focuses on things with "causality", not “Fame”. 

We follow results, timeless principles, science and data, 
NOT the crowd, trends, latest hacks or gimmicks...

We Do Growth Differently

The current way of growing a D2C business online is broken, a couple of years back we tried to follow it but quickly realised that, It’s all just a gamble. 
So we came up with our own ways using timeless principles of scientific method and we instilled it in every nook and cranny of our business.
Now, Instead of treating business growth as a linear creative mechanical process that seeks applause & fame, we treat it as an iterative non-linear scientific process that seeks exponential growth and propagation (like nature, like a virus).
Scientific advertising is the best way to 10X your business in a short period of time.
Vann Laniakea
Outdated, unaffortable, unpredictable

Old Ways

Most business growth consultants and advertising agencies use a linear Task oriented system that resembles an assembly line (with already established start and end points).

When it fails, they don’t waste time studying why it fails, many times they don’t even have accurate or useful tracking systems to analyse why it failed.

They start with a clean slate again and again and over again without spending time and energy studying the mistakes.

To them, it's an art, or worse, a gamble. They become artists with a goal to seek applause and engagement and while generating revenue and consistently producing profitable ROAS end up taking the back seat.

They are more focused on pleasing or impressing the customer than to be figuring out predictable ways to generate consistently profitable revenues.

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Profitable, predictable, consistent

New Ways

The new method of D2C eCommerce growth and advertising is based on science, and because of that, it is reliable and predictable.

We create hypotheses using unbiased data with common sense, and then test those hypotheses in the real world to see how they perform. We track the results using multiple third-party software to minimize the errors, and then study them to see what insights we can learn.

We iterate and improve, and with each new iteration we maximize the ROAS and the revenues.
This approach is consistent and can be repeated over and over again to achieve great results.

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d2c ecommerce advertisng

Why do Most Advertising Agencies fail?

The reason most advertising agencies fail is because their copywriters and media buyers are guided by their own whims instead of by data-driven insights. 

At Arlox, we've corrected this condition, so the probabilities of scaling your business with Arlox are now guaranteed. With our data-driven approach, we can ensure that your scientific advertising campaign reaches its destination quickly and efficiently. 

Advertising with a focus on human idiosyncrasies allows us more individualized and tailored marketing. By understanding what your market naturally responds to, we can produce more effective advertisement campaigns and marketing emails that sell products more profitably.

Traditional advertisement systems produce cookie-cutter humans with no souls. This can often lead to bland, inauthentic advertisements that don't resonate with people on a personal level.

By focusing on human idiosyncrasies, Arlox produces ads and marketing messages that are more effective because they are targeted to individuals on a personal level rather than targeting groups. It’s all person-to-person after all. 

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Our Process

Step one : Scientific advertising for fashion ecommerce brands

Creating a Advertising Hypothesis

We create hypothesis based off the data and insights gathered form years of working Fashion eCommerce brands only.

First, we gather as much quantitive and qualitative information about the brand as possible, we stripe out limiting belief and biases.

We look at the current situation and compare it to the desired situation, we try to figure out the most efficient way to get there and stay there.

We create the first hypothesis in a spreadsheet.
Lastly, we go the intended platform to craft a well organised advertising tests with standardised nomenclature.

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Step two : Scientific advertising for fashion ecommerce brands

Accurately Measuring the Results

Look, Peter Drucker once famously quoted "You can't improve what you don't measure" pretty common sense right? not much of a common practice.
Well, it's hard and expensive and still there is chance of human error so most people don't do it.

When running tests, adding unique URL to each ads, and sometimes there are thousands of ads in each platform, keeping accurate data of them, it's hard but we religiously add the right UTM parameter in each and every ad then we let the tracking softwares do their job and we then double check everything in our well trusted spreadsheets.

Advertising is serious matter, making informed decision with confidence is the difference between good enough and pure greatness.

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Step three : Scientific advertising for fashion ecommerce brands

Sharing, Analysing and Studying Gathered Insights

Look, there are brand specific insights and there are general insights. If the CEO of Apple searches how to double the sales for Q4, recommendation like spend more money on ads, that won't be helpful.

There are brand specific insights, the real USP's. That's what we are looking for, the untapped market opportunities available for your brand and your brand only. These are your unfair advantages.

eg:- If we target women on Facebook who are recently engaged(good global market size) with ads of premium high ticket men's leather shoes with a ad copy highlighting perfect gift for him. On top of that, where website recommends adding leather belts to get free shipping and then we have found a predictable revenue stream for this brand, we can test even further to maximise the AOV.

We communicate the results of these test with our team and clients on weekly basis.

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Accelerated scaling

Sit Back, Relax & See Your Dream Take Off!

Now, we have accumulated quantifiable data and we have consistently outperformed KPI's and you've seen that profits have soared. Now it's time re-invest some of the profits to rapidly scale your revenue using Arlox's Black Swan Scaling Strategy™.

That allows us to double Adspend everyday while maintaining KPI ratio's consistent.

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Step four : Scientific advertising for fashion ecommerce brands

Iterate and Optimize for ROAS and Scale

Look, not all insight are weighed equally!
Some are bangers in terms of ROAS and Scalability and some are not. that's why the "continual process" of iteration and optimisation is so important.

The environment encompasses platform policies, trends, market emotion, mass desire, competition etc is forever changing, So do we.

We call the winning combination of Product*Audience*Offer a blue swan, we propagate them, we let them spread.

We are looking for the ultimate blue swan combination and our search never ends.

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Do You Know?

Fashion brand Identity must be preserved
No two brands are the same, even though the methods used by arlox are the same, the outcome is always unique to the fashion brand. 

Look, Individuality is essential and Imitation is a reproach.
But those variable things which depend on ingenuity have no place in the textbooks of advertising, this is just the groundwork only.

Some brands at a specific stage of growth and in a stable environment will do wonders on one platform, hitting the pinnacle of success while failing poorly on other platforms.

That's why scientific methods are so important.

Advertising strategy requires the experts to think holistically and make strategic decisions which produce the highest ROAS for the specific brand at the specific stage of growth.
Ads are essentially salesmanship in print.
The only purpose of advertisement is to make sales, not to release new art pieces every month, not to be frantically testing 100's different campaigns all day every day, hiding behind the envelope of testing.

If an advertisement is salesmanship at scale then small mistakes are expensive.

Many think of advertising as ad-writing. Literary craftsmanship has no more to do with it than oratory has with salesmanship.

One must be able to express their brand briefly, clearly and convincingly, just as a salesman must.

A spelling mistake for a normal person, an intriguing hook by an effective ad-expert.

There are no rules saying ads should be grammatically correct, the only rule we follow is ads should be congruent with brand identity and should produce sales.
The secret is in feeding the right data the right way to the platform's AI.
Many advertisers rely blindly on one source of data or worse they rely on platform data, While claiming A.I will take care of everything.

Which is a crime when it comes to advertising. Spending money on ads is a serious matter.

Every action done by customers must be carefully recorded and studied.

Ignorance could cost thousands of times in lost revenue. A.I optimises for platform retention and bidding systems.

When you are talking to millions of people baring enormous cost, even the smallest of action if done by statistically significant number of people should be carefully studied by an unopinionated mind who doesn't jump of conclusions. 

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